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LTP Solutions Pty (Ltd) was founded by two brothers who have performed Pressure Testing Services for various companies around the world for the last 18 years.  We have combined our knowledge and experience, to offer our clients a full spectrum of services including pre-engineering, commissioning, repairing and certification.

At LTP Solutions we strive for perfection in all the services we deliver. Our clients are assured of compliance with the highest safety standards, with no short cuts taken. We prioritize a safe start-up and minimize the risk of an unplanned shutdown.

As a service company deeply committed to the satisfaction and high performance of our dedicated workforce, we wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of fostering the continuous professional growth and development of our employees at every tier within our organization. Our unwavering commitment to their advancement not only ensures a skilled and proficient team but also reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and value to our clients and partners.

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With more than 18 years’ experience within the oil & gas industry, LTP Solutions is expertly positioned to help our clients:

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With experience built up over the course of 18 years, LTP Solutions uses their innovative solutions and professional strategies to ensure that all customers receives their projects completed to international standards.


Nitrogen purging on baord orca fpso



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Saipem Scarabeo 7

Hydrostatic Pressure testing on scarabeo 7



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Transocean Marianas

Hydrostatic pressure testing & bolt torquing



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LTP Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services, including pre-engineering, commissioning, repairing, and certification, all tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Yes, LTP Solutions has the expertise and resources to handle projects of different sizes, from small-scale operations to large, complex endeavors.

LTP Solutions caters to a diverse range of industries, offering its specialized services to meet the unique requirements of each sector.

LTP Solutions’ dedication to safety, employee development, and uncompromising commitment to quality and client satisfaction make us a reliable and trusted partner for your project needs.

Leak detection is essential to ensure that the integrity of a system or its components can effectively contain liquids or gases that need to be stored or transported.

Nitrogen helium leak testing is particularly important in gas and oil processing due to the increasing complexity of processing plants. It helps identify and address leaks that could compromise safety and efficiency.

Eliminating hydrocarbon leakage is a top operational priority in these settings as it reduces safety risks, protects the environment, and ensures the integrity of equipment and infrastructure.

LTP Solutions employs helium trace in nitrogen carrier gas, which is recognized as one of the most accurate and quantifiable methods available for leak detection.

Nitrogen helium leak testing is indeed a crucial pre-commissioning step, ensuring that piping systems and production equipment are safe. However, periodic testing may also be necessary for ongoing maintenance and safety assurance.

Yes, LTP Solutions has the expertise and equipment to conduct leak detection services across a wide range of industrial systems, ensuring the safety and integrity of your operations.

You can easily get in touch with LTP Solutions through emailing us info@ltpsolutions.com or calling us on +27 82 781 1960.

LTP Solutions is distinguished by its use of advanced and accurate testing methods, commitment to safety, and dedication to helping clients maintain the integrity of their systems and equipment.

Flushing is a pre-commissioning activity that involves pumping water through a designated section of pipe or piping with sufficient quantity and velocity to fill it completely. The goal is to forcefully remove loose rust, mill scale, or construction debris from the system.

Flushing is commonly performed in various industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction, for systems like pipelines, HVAC, and hydraulic systems.

Flushing is usually conducted before commissioning to prepare the system for operation. However, periodic flushing may be necessary for ongoing maintenance to maintain system cleanliness.

LTP Solutions offers two methods for gaseous nitrogen delivery: liquid nitrogen conversion to gaseous nitrogen using a 180 k Nitrogen converter unit and onsite generated nitrogen gas using membrane nitrogen gas generation technology.

Liquid nitrogen conversion provides a convenient way to generate gaseous nitrogen precisely controlled for pressure, temperature, and flow rate, ensuring reliable supply at the required specifications.

Yes, LTP Solutions can tailor gaseous nitrogen delivery to meet the precise needs of each customer, including pressure, temperature, and flow rate specifications.

LTP Solutions places a strong emphasis on safety and quality control, ensuring that gaseous nitrogen delivery is dependable and compliant with industry standards.