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The simplest way to avoid a fire or explosion in a process vessel is to introduce inert (noncombustible) gases in such a way that there is never a mixture with a combustible concentration.  Mixtures of fuel, oxygen, and inert gases are not combustible over the entire range of composition. During the service, the air in the environment is effectively made inert with the purging of nitrogen – pushing out anything hazardous, re-stabilising the air and therefore reducing the risk of an explosion/an explosive mixture.

During a plant shutdown or through a change in what will be carried out in the environment, you will need to be left 100% sure that every last trace of any harmful gases or contaminants have left the atmosphere, and the best or actually the only way to achieve this is with nitrogen purging – an air-cleansing method that is also known as oxygen freeing, start-up purging, degassing or also shutdown purging. Nitrogen purging couldn’t be more vital for the continued safety of everyone in the area. We offer the most efficient and effective purging techniques that is available today for any pipeline or plant environment.

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