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Hydrostatic or pneumatic testing is typically employed before hydrocarbons are introduced, to confirm pipework and vessel integrity. Hydrostatic testing is a way to test pipelines and other pressure vessels for structural integrity and strength. Hydrostatic testing exposes defective materials that have previously been undetected. These services provide a final check of quality and operational integrity for clients including oil producers, manufacturers of subsea components, pipeline manufacturers and oil and gas companies. Standard hydrostatic pressure testing procedures entail filling the test vessel with liquid, bleeding out air and then pressurizing it.

The test is performed with a incompressible liquid, usually water, because it will only expand by a very small amount should the test piece fail and not pose a danger to the technician.

Hydrostatic testing is used with newly manufactured pieces before installation, then used again at regular intervals in what is often called a proof pressure test or modified hydrostatic test. LTP Solutions can perform a hydrostatic test on any size system from an individual spool piece to a full mechanical completed system offshore and onshore.

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