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Hydraulic bolt torqueing is a recognised technique for leak prevention in bolted assemblies like flanges.

Across a number of industries maintenance and pre-commissioning schedules are prioritising flange management from design in order to develop start-ups that are leak-free.

LTP Solutions facilitates the process of controlled tightening and its associated benefits, through the use of specially developed equipment, written procedures and bolt loading calculations, to ensure that joints are tightened in a safe manner.

Flange Management

Controlled bolting and flange management are recognised components of a system’s integrity program. They provide assurance of proper assembly and tightening of bolted joints during the construction process, or any intervention that follows it.

Problems in process systems integrity may arise from different issues, such as:

  • Incorrect tightening methods
  • Improper joint assembly
  • Lack of proper flange management system.

LTP Solutions is an industry leader in flange management techniques, through our on-going investment in reliable equipment and thorough training of all personnel. Our flange management systems provide assurance that all flanges on a process system are detected and completed in such a manner that they minimize or eliminate integrity issues.

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